A wonderful destination for a birding tour would be the serene country of Kenya

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A wonderful destination for a birding tour would be the serene country of Kenya. With Kenya birding tours, you would be in line to massively increase your birding numbers. The country is not just rich in bird species but scores of other wildlife as well, making it a well-rounded animal centred holiday. Kenya birding tours are ideal for just one person to join up into an internationally selected group of bird enthusiasts, maybe a fun family wildlife adventure or for a group of friends wanting something different from their trip. Kenya birding tours are centred on birds. The trip is catered towards bird lovers, though you would be able to custom a few other activities into the tour if you would be doing a custom tour. On a general Kenyan birding tour, you would buy yourself a spot into a group of 6. The group is kept small so that travelling around is made a lot easier and that the noise levels are kept to a minimum when out in the wild.


The spot you buy on general Kenya birding tours will include a guide to help you along the way and to help you find bird species, all accommodation both rural and city. Transport during Kenya birding tours itself is included in the travel package price, however guests will have to ensure that they get to Nairobi on the start date of the tour. Nairobi is Kenya’s largest city and both the entry and departure point for the birding tour. 3 meals a day will be included in the package price along with water. Much of the day will be spent outdoors, actually partaking in birding. The schedule will be set way back in advance. Guests on Kenya birding tours will get a say during the day on what bird species should take precedence for them to sight. Since so much of the time will be spent in the wild during Kenya birding tours, there is some level of planning required on behalf of tour guests, though this is very little.

Bring along the right clothing so that the journey may be comfortable for you. This is light wearing and long sleeved which will protect from both the sun and bugs. Shoes are important also. Wear hiking shoes as there is a fair level of going off hiking trails to be within sight of bird species. You will also need to bring along your birding materials. This could be a basic notepad to record your sightings or even sketch them. More than likely you will not have the time to spend sketching so a camera should also be brought along if you would like photographic evidence of species seen during Kenya birding tours. Bring along a small amount of cash to give out as tips or to indulge in some market place shopping for souvenirs of your birding trip to Kenya. This will all be stipulated in detail in the travel agreement once you have been confirmed for Kenya birding tours.